Thursday, October 2, 2008

Own A Garth Brooks Song

I found this article on the Tennessean today. I think this is a very interesting concept - one of those that allows music fans to have ownership in the music they love. I don't fully understand the revenue sharing - need to read into it a little more.

Want to get a piece of the royalties from a Garth Brooks hit?

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Tanner Tuttle said...

This is a fairly bizarre offering. I suppose super fans could be into this but paying $120K for some ownership of a song (plus a plaque) seems a bit pricy. I'd be curious to see a real world example of the time spent to recoup the initial investment.

I understand it's more of a fan offering rather than an investment. The price tag alone for individual song rights (the cheapest is 5K) puts the offering out of reach for the majority of fans.

Perhaps they are wanting to create a sort of market for investors and speculators. I doubt that will have much success due to the complex nature of royalty payouts. I had to do some digging to understand just what it was I get if I plunk down the money for the auction.

My guess is that most people opt for stock or mutual funds with cash they have lying around if they are in search for an investment.

My 2 cents.